Carbon dioxide is an important chemical compound

for the earth and life on earth.

Occurrence of CO



- in the air

as a gas

- in water - dissolved as a gas - as carbonic acid Hydrogencarbonat-Ion Carbonat-Ion - in rock as carbonate
CO 2 forms the link between the material world and the living world, between inorganic and organic, between stone and plant
= Anhydride of carbonic acid
Carbon(IV) oxide Carbonic acid gas
Carbon dioxide Dioxomethane
Equivalent designations

Importance of CO2

The Importance of carbon dioxide for the earth and humans



is building block for life through conversion into organic matter is the main nutrient for plants, both on land and in water is part of the carbon cycle influences the climate as a greenhouse gas is involved in the earth's crust in the form of carbonates as mineral formers promotes weathering as a water constituent significantly influences the properties of a water is often a problem for drinking water quality often makes water treatment necessary is the engine for cold water geysers can cause death at high concentrations in the air
Figure: Occurrence of CO 2



Occurrence of CO2
Figure: CO 2 as a link between the inorganic and organic worlds